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   So, here we are again at Helen Marie's...  Here you will find a good deal of nonsense and whatever comes to mind. 

​   At first, I was going to use this as a website for merchandise.  That didn't go over so well.  So, after a couple of years I deleted the site from existence.  Then a short time ago, I resurrected it because, well, the first name is my mothers, and the second name is my daughters. 

​   Then I was going to use the website for family photo's, like an album.  However, after viewing the site, and after listening to people talk about photos being hacked for other sites, etc., I decided that having my family exposed on a visible site might not be such a good idea after all, and since I didn't get permission from all family members to put their photos online, I felt it was the only thing to do.  Now, here I am in Limbo once again.  Nothing new there.